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Agreement Page
  1. Reserved parking permits allow students reserved parking during school hours and free parking for after school activities and special events (sports, open house, etc.).

  2. Parking space permits issued only after registration is completed and payment is received.

  3. All parking is at your own risk! Students are advised to drive safely and keep their car locked while unattended. We assume no responsibility for theft or damage.


  4. Session dates are: 
    Session 1: August 10th - December 18th 
    Session 2: January 5th - May 25th
    Full Year 

    Due to high demand at and around Christmas, permits for session 2 must be renewed no later than December 18, 2020. 

    Spaces not renewed for Session 2 by December 18, 2020 may become available for new students.  Available spaces for Session 2 will start being filled December 21st for January 5th.



  • Students can pick from any available space when picking up permit (first come first serve).

  • Renewal of permits are subject to review - see rules below

  • Permit holders in good standing have first refusal for each session and following year.

   5. Minimum Donations:

Session 1 - $80

Session 2 - $80
Full Year - $125


For prorated donations go to the Student Parking Information Page.

Donations should be made in student's name to avoid delays.

Registration and payments on-line at

In person: cash, check, or money orders only.



   1. Students must use assigned space only.

   2. Parking areas must be kept clean.

   3. When arriving or leaving students must drive safely. (No speeding, spinning tires, etc.)

   4. Respect other students' space and property.

   5. Permits are to be placed on inside lower left side of windshield. (Permit is good for specified days and times only. No overnight parking. Any exceptions please contact Dave.)

   6. If you get a notice on your car you should follow up as soon as possible.  Rule violation notices and permit renewal reminders may include email to parents.

Violation of any of the above rules can be grounds for losing parking privileges with no refund.

READ: If at any time you are in possession of alcohol, drugs, or a firearm you will immediately lose your parking privileges, no refund and no reinstatement!

Area is patrolled by Staff, School Security, and the Winter Garden Police Department.

Click on the link below to complete registration form:

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