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Welcome to
Faith Family Community Church
Student Parking

Hi, My name is Dave . I am the parking coordinator at Faith Family Community Church. I would like to welcome our returning students as well as our new students to our "Student Parking Fundraiser".

Our first year was a huge success! We exceeded our goals and look forward to another great year. Donations for this program will help provide funding for our youth programs and outreach programs such as; our Fall Festival and others.

We offer by the session or full year permits.

This year you can choose your space from any open, available spaces when you come to pick up your permit.

First come first serve.

Returning students have first choice.

We have other activities associated with this program as well.

We offer free football game night parking.

Free parking for senior walk out day and more!!!


If you ever have any questions, please contact us.

Dave (Parking Coordinator) Email:


For additional student parking information click here.

I look forward to serving you and hope to see you soon.

Click on the agreement link below to start registration.

Start Registration - Agreement Review

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