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Student parking welcome 2021-2022


My name is Dave.  I am the Parking Coordinator for Faith Family Community Church Student Parking.

We offer reserved parking spaces for all students at WOHS.


We have Full Year and two Sessions.  Session One is from school start to winter break.  Session two is from the end of winter break to school end.  Our returning students have the option to keep the space they had the previous year or first option on new spaces.  Each year we have added spaces until now we have reached our limit of 120. Registration for Session 2 starts on November 22.


100% of the proceeds from our parking program go back into our Youth Program, and Community Outreach.  Outreach programs include our 'Fall Festival', 'Spring Festival', and our annual 'Family Day Cookout' for all the students parking here with their families and friends. 


We also have many projects we do with WOHS.  We do meals for the Football and Baseball Teams and work in the concession stand for games.  At Christmas we partner with the school to provide meals and presents for the needy families in our area.  We are looking forward to expanding to other teams and projects every year.

If you are a member of a team, organization, or club fill out the form when you pick up your permit.

NOTE: Do not use student email address when registering.

We cannot contact you  with this email address (

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