Faith Family Community Church
Student Parking Information


Full Year Permits Only

Permit Pick Up Procedures

1. Students must be present to get permit (Parents welcome but not required)

2. Bring driver's license

3. Read and sign parking agreement

4. Pick Space --- Receive permit

Permit Issue Dates

Permits can also be picked up Saturday 'Paint Your Space / Family Day' and the first day of school.

After school starts permits can be picked up after school every Tuesday or anytime the office is open.


Visitor Parking Area 

Prior to picking up your permit you can park in the visitor area (Do Not Park In Marked Spaces)


If you have permit and someone is parked in your space, park in the visitor area and notify Dave.



Prorated Donation Chart

Change of information form

Fill out this form anytime you have a change of information such as car, tag #, email, phone, etc.

Registration and Donations

Fill out the registration form.  Once complete, press submit.  You will receive an email confirmation if it goes through.

DO NOT use your school email address.

Next, make the appropriate donation.  You will get an email receipt.

Once this is complete you can park inthe visitor area until you get a permit.

Visitor area is for temporary use only.

Parking Rules

1. Students must park in their assigned spaces.  If you arrive and someone is in your space, park in the visitor area and notify me.  Do not park in a marked space.

2. When arriving and leaving students must drive safely. (No speeding, spinning tires)

3. Parking area must be kept clean.  Use orange trash barrels.

4. Respect other students, their space, and property.

5. Permits must be displayed at all times while on property.  If lost, damaged or stolen see Dave for a replacement.  Permits may be transferred from car to car.

6. If for any reason  your car is going to be left overnight, notify the office.

7. School Policy No eating lunch or hanging out in the parking are during school hours.

Parking is at your own risk.  Faith Family Community Church assumes no responsibility for theft or damage.

Violation of any of the above rules can be grounds for losing parking privileges with no refund and no reinstatement for the remainder of the school year.

Parking Notices

Types of Notices

1. INFORMATION:  Communication: General notes from the office to students and parents.

2. WARNING: If you are in violation of any rules you may receive a warning notice prior to a suspension notice.

3. SUSPENSION: If you receive a suspension notice your permit is being suspended.  The suspension dates will be listed on the notice.  If you continue to park while on suspension your permit can be revoked with no refund and your car may be towed at your expense.

Activities / Events

Paint Your Space / Family Day

Held Saturday prior to school start.  Students with parking permits are invited to come paint their space and bring family and friends to enjoy a day of fun activities and food.  Paint your space starts at 8AM and Family Fund Day begins at 11AM.  See Dave for signup.

Free Parking for all Football Home Games

Free Parking for Senior Walkout Day.

Walk and Jog Track

3 courses to suit any need

Well Lighted - Secure

Open 7 days a week until 10PM

Open to Public

For information stop by parking office or contact Dave

Christmas Food Drive

Youth Nights Every Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Pastor Matthew